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Welcome newlyweds, let’s build your album!

I want to say congratulations again! I loved working with each and everyone of my brides (and grooms too)!

So now it is time to build your album. This page will show you how to easily select photos that you want to be in your wedding album. To start, I have already sent you two links. The first link takes you to this page (obviously) and the second link will take you to a special event page created just for selecting your album photos. After you have finished reading this page and understand how to use the gallery to select photos, go ahead and click on that second link and get started!

Adding photos to your album selection

After clicking the link, begin browsing the galleries and selecting your favorite photos to be in your album. You can add a photo to the selection by clicking on the heart. See the image below.

Viewing the photos in your album selection

After adding a bunch of photos to your album selection, you may want to review which photos you have added. To do this, simply navigate back to the main page (as shown in the image above), and click the icon in the top right that says “View My Favorites”. This will take you to a gallery view that displays only the photos in your album selection. See the image below.

Reviewing and removing photos from your selection

After clicking “View My Favorites” from the main page you will see the gallery with only the photos in your selection. From here you can remove photos from your selection and keep track of the total amount of photos selected. See the image below.

Thank You!

Your effort in reading this is much appreciated. Have fun selecting your photos for your album, and I look forward to showing you the design and delivering the finished product!

From here, just go ahead and start selecting your photos. Once you are done, send me an email to Let me know you have completed selecting your photos for your album.


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